Completing Lava Obby and Unlock Lava Rod

The Lava Rod is a powerful weapon against the pirate boss, but you can't unlock it until you beat the Pirate Invasion! And to do that, you need to complete all of the Lihzahrd Temple's challenges... without taking any damage. Once this has been done, take a look at your inventory - if everything is done correctly, you should have the Lava Rod in your hand! Completing all of the traps in this temple is no easy task. Traps are very tricky to avoid - especially since some of them shoot homing projectiles at you, which I find particularly difficult to dodge. A great way to make sure you completing all of these challenges without taking damage is to use a corruption shroom and design your Temple around this. Corruption Shrooms cause you to take double damage from the traps, which makes them much easier to dodge - but since they give you buffs that help with all monsters, it's worth it! How To Get Lava Rod In Fishing Simulator 17 The Lava Rod is one of the most powerful weapons

Complete Guide to How to Get Plastids in Warframe Early

Introduction: What are Plastids and Why would You Want Them? Plastids are a resource in Planet Coaster. They can be found on planet surfaces or inside buildings and some of them can be harvested and sold for profit. Plastids are found in the game , Planet Coaster. Plasmas nodes are where plastids will be found. The plasmas node is a small square with a green arrow on it signifying that you should harvest resources by clicking it. Plastic is mostly made up of carbon atoms, which make up the backbone of the molecules that make up plastics, as well as its key component, hydrogen atoms. How to Get Plastid Extracts on the Warframe early Plastids are the resources needed to construct most of Warframe's items and weapons. These are rare on the market and players will have to complete missions or trade with other players in order to get them. In this guide we will teach you how you can get plastids in Warframe early, how you can buy plastids on the market, and what an ai plastid is. Plasti